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Lead Free Environments

NOCAC will provide Lead testing at every center as determined by the Health Services Advisory Committee or as required by the Office of Head Start.


Hard Surfaces:

  1. All centers, including classrooms, gymnasiums, restrooms and teacher work areas will have a surface LEAD test completed every three years.
  2. Conducting the test:
    • 3M Instant LeadCheck Swab Test (or similar) are used to survey the area for Lead level or contamination.
    • Testing kits can be purchased online or instore.
    • Areas will be swab tested per the manufacturer’s instruction.
    • Results:
      • If a Positive or RED swab result, a second swab will be used to verify results.
      • Any area resulting in two positives, will be rescreened by a state certified Lead Inspector.

Drinking Water:

  1. All water faucets in classrooms or centers with for drinking and cooking will be tested for LEAD every three years.
    • Centers with well systems will follow all county and state rules for testing.
      • Pulaski Head Start Center has weekly testing with Ohio EPA as required, records are on site.
  2. Any water source labeled Hand Washing Only will not be checked.
  3. Conduction the test:
    • Varify Complete Water Test Kit (or similar)  will be used to check for Lead contaminates in drinking and cooking water.
    • Testing kits can be purchased online at or instore.
    • Areas will be tested per the manufacturer’s instructions.
      • Water must not be used 8-18 hours prior to conducting the test.
      • Results:
        • If a “high” level is indicated on the color chart, a second strip will be used to confirm.
        • Any area resulting in two positives, will be rescreened by a state certified Lead Inspector.
        • All areas that need further testing will be labeled DO NOT USE for COOKING OR DRINKING until a final clearance from certified Lead Inspector have been confirmed.


  1. Lead Testing will be tracked for both surface and water using the eTracker for Child care Facilities.
  2. The Transportation & Safety Specialist is responsible for ordering, conducting, tracking, monitoring and sharing reports with supervisor regarding all aspects of the Lead Free Environment protocol.
  3. Records will be maintained for seven years.


Forms and Additional Guidance:

  • eTracker for Child care Facilities (Add link)

Dental Dayz – Classroom Outreach


NOCAC Teaching Staff Responsibilities:

  1. During the first home visit, the NOCAC Teacher will encourage parent/guardian to sign the BCHC Dental Consent for Exam. (form N11 – Dental Consent To Exam) (Only children with a signed authorization form will receive Dental Prevention services in the Head Start classroom)
  2. The signed original form will be forwarded to the Family Advocate (FA). It is recommended that a copy be kept in the site file.


Family Service Specialist Responsibilities:

  1. The Teachers will work in partnership with Health and Safety Assistant on days that dental services are scheduled in a classroom to assure that children are escorted to and from the dental services as efficiently as possible. If the FA is unable to be at the site on the scheduled day, he/she should inform their supervisor to arrange alternative support. (This is most critical on days when more than 10 children are scheduled for services.)
  2. The Teacher/FA will determine the family’s capacity to follow-through with the referral recommendations and proceed accordingly.
  • Level 1 and 2 referrals: families will be expected to follow through on their own unless there are unusual barriers in place. If NOCAC Staff determine the family cannot follow through appropriately on level 1 & 2 referrals, they will contact the Health and Safety Manager for assistance.
  • Level 3 and Level 4 referrals: the FA will work from the follow-up plan developed by the Health and Safety Manager and document progress in ChildPlus.

 Health and Safety Manager Responsibilities:

  1. Health and Safety Manager will work with a dental provider to develop a schedule at the beginning of each program year that indicates when the Dental Dayz will be at a particular center. The schedule will be adapted as needed throughout the school year dependent on results and planned prevention interventions.
  2. Head Start Support Staff will/may accompany the Dental provider to classrooms to provide administrative support if more than 5 children are scheduled for services.
  3. The Health and Safety Manager will serve as a backup as needed.
  4. The Data Systems Specialist will enter all results into ChildPlus in accordance with ChildPlus protocol for health events.
  5. A copy of the Dental Health Exam (form N9 – Dental Health Exam form) form will then be forwarded to Health and Safety Manager so that she can develop a follow-up plan in ChildPlus.
  6. The Health and Safety Manager will manage any associated contracts or billing as it relates to Dental Providers.


Forms and Additional Guidance:  (Draft as of 8/11/22)

  • BCHC Dental Consent for Exam (form N11)
  • Dental Health Exam
  • Dental Dayz Summary Form (form N10)
  • BCHC Nitrous Oxide Permission (English) (form N12)
  • BCHC Nitrous Oxide Permission (Spanish)
  • BCHC Oral Surgery Consent (English) (form N13)
  • BCHC Oral Surgery Consent (Spanish)
  • BCHC HIPPA Privacy (form N14)