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CACFP Site Monitoring


NOCAC Child Development Nutrition Manger will monitor each center three times every year.


  1. The type and timing of these monitoring reviews must follow the guidelines described in the following procedures.
    1. The Nutrition Manager will use the Ohio Child and Adult Care Food Program Monitor Review Form.
      1. Fill out information prior to monitoring if possible – site, last review, any corrective actions from the last monitoring, etc
      2. Prior monitoring documentation can be found in a file drawer in the managers office under that program year.
    2. At least two of three reviews must be unannounced.
    3. At least one unannounced review must include an observation of a meal service.
    4. At least one review must be made during each new center’s first four weeks of operation.
    5. The amount of time between reviews shall not exceed 6 months.
    6. NOCAC does not perform a “Review Averaging”
    7. The timing of unannounced reviews must be varied in a way that ensures they are unpredictable to the center.
    8. All meal types (breakfast, lunch, and snacks) will be monitored
  2. The Nutrition Manager will arrive at a center early enough to observe table setup and cleaning procedures.
    1. If at a Collaborative Site, the Nutrition Manager will go with staff to pick up food from the kitchen and monitor the procedure.
    2. The Nutrition Manager will document if appropriate utensils are being used.
  3. The Nutrition Manager will eat with the children for the meal being observed and observe conversations at the table from teacher to children
  4. During an observation, the Nutrition Manager will check the menu for any changes and note if menu is not being followed.
  5. The Nutrition Manager will ask center staff the procedure for
    1. children who arrive late and miss breakfast,
    2. how water is made available to children at all times
    3. how staff are using food cards in the classroom
  6. Following the review, the Nutrition Manager will:
    1. Review the findings with the Center Cook/CACFP representative and Center Manager if available.
    2. The original monitoring form will be filed in the appropriate fiscal year drawer at the Central Office for a period of three years.
    3. A copy of the monitoring form will be scanned to a shared drive for Center Manager to review with all staff as needed.
  7. The Nutrition Manager and Center Manager will follow up on any findings.
  8. The Center Manager will ensure the Food Service License is posted in the kitchen or classroom (at Collaboration Sites).
  9. The Center Manager will ensure a fire inspection report is posted in a public place per the NOCAC Safety Policy.

Forms and Additional Guidance:

Effective Date:   8/7/17 Reviewed Date:   8/23/22
Approved By Policy Council:   8/7/17 Revision Approved By Policy Council:    
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