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Communicable Disease Statement


NOCAC Child Development will reduce the spread of communicable diseases among children and staff through proper hygiene, housekeeping and infection control practices.



  1. NOCAC staff follows the most updated version of the ODJFS (Ohio Job and Family Services) Communicable Disease Chart and all state food service requirements.
    1. The ODJFS Communicable Disease Chart should be posted in a location that is easily accessible by parents and staff.
  2. The program temporarily excludes a child who exhibits recognizable signs of communicable disease or illness to protect the health of the affected child, other children and staff.
  3. Classroom teaching staff perform routine health checks of all children before children daily.
  4. If a child is suspected of having a communicable disease, Classroom Teaching Staff will isolate the child and contact the parent/guardian to pick up their child.
    1. A child isolated will be:
      1. Within sight and hearing of a staff member at all times.
      2. Cared for in another room or portion of a room away from other children
      3. Provided a cot, if necessary and made comfortable.
        1. After use, the cot shall be properly cleaned and sanitized.
  5. Classroom teaching staff notify the parents of the children in the same classroom (at a minimum) if any child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease and distribute Contagious Disease Parent Letter when applicable.
  6. All staff and children practice good hygiene when toileting, hand washing, and diapering.
  7. Classroom teaching staff disinfects contaminated articles and surfaces by using approved disinfectant solution per the Classroom Sanitation Policy.
    1. Disinfectants must be kept out of reach of children.


Forms and Additional Guidance:

This policy complies with the following

Head Start Program Performance Standard:    1302.42(C)(2)
ODJFS Child Care Manual:    5101:2-12-16(D)
CACFP Regulation:    
Caring for Our Children:    3.1.1, 3.6.4, 7.1
Other Sources:   3717-1, 3717-1-02.1


Effective Date:   8/7/17 Reviewed Date:   6/7/22
Approved By Policy Council:   8/7/17 Revision Approved By Policy Council:    
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