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Family/Community Grievance Procedure


NOCAC Child Development will address and attempt to resolve any concerns, complaints or problems a family has concerning the participants involvement in the program.


  1. In the event that a family has a concern, complaint or problems regarding their child’s involvement in the program NOCAC Child Development encourages the family to follow the following steps in trying to resolve the issue:
    1. Discuss the issue with the teacher if not satisfied.
    2. Discuss the issue with the Center Manager if still not satisfied.
    3. Contact the Social Services Manager at 419-784-5136 if still not satisfied.
    4. The parent is encouraged to complete a Grievance Form which can be found in the NOCAC Family Handbook and Calendar or by contact the Social Services Manager at the NOCAC Central Office located at 1933 E. 2nd Street, Defiance, OH 43512.
    5. Once a grievance is filled out and turned in the NOCAC Child Development Director will coordinate the grievance procedure.  The NOCAC Child Development Director will respond to the person who filed the grievance within 7 days with an explanation of operations and a plan of action to correct the situation.
    6. Following the response from the NOCAC Child Development Director, the person filing the grievance may provide and/or request additional information.
    7. All grievances are kept confidential.
    8. Grievances may be discussed amongst appropriate staff with the approval of the person filing the grievance.

Forms and Additional Guidance:

This policy complies with the following

Head Start Program Performance Standard:    
ODJFS Child Care Manual:    
CACFP Regulation:    
Caring for Our Children:    
Other Sources:    


Effective Date:   8/7/17 Reviewed Date:   12/22/20, 6/9/22
Approved By Policy Council:   8/7/17 Revision Approved By Policy Council:    
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