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Safety Training for Staff


NOCAC Head Start/Early Head Start (HS/EHS) will provide all staff with regular child contact initial orientation training within three months of hire.


  1. Ongoing training will be provided in all Ohio Job and Family Services Day Care Licensing (ODJFS) Child Care Rules, HS/EHS Program Performance Standards and program developed health and safety requirements.
  2. Staff with regular child contact –
    1. The prevention and control of infectious diseases (Common Childhood Illnesses);
      1. CCI training is valid for three years
    2. Administration of Medication
    3. Prevention and response to emergencies due to food or allergic reasons;
    4. Building and physical premises safety
    5. Emergency preparedness and response planning for emergencies;
    6. Hazardous materials
    7. Transporting children;
    8. First aid
      1. First Aid is valid for two years
    9. CPR (adult, child, and infant) & AED
      1. CPR & AED is valid for two years
    10. Recognition and reporting of child abuse and neglect
      1. Child Abuse/Neglect training is valid for three years
  3. Staff without regular child contact –
    1. When applicable to their work
    2. NOCAC emergency and disaster preparedness procedures.
  4. All Health Training Courses shall meet course and trainer requirements in ODJFS 5101:2-12-10 Appendix A.
  5. The Data Entry Specialist will enter documentation of completed trainings listed above into ChildPlus.
  6. A copy of the In-service Form will be kept on site in the staff person’s green file.
  7. Center Managers and Content Area Managers are required to track employee’s trainings.

Forms and Additional Guidance:

This policy complies with the following

Head Start Program Performance Standard:    1302.47 (B)(4)(I), 1302.47(b)(5)
ODJFS Child Care Manual:    5101:2-12-10
CACFP Regulation:    
Caring for Our Children:    
Other Sources:    


Effective Date:   8/7/17 Reviewed Date:   6/8/22
Approved By Policy Council:   8/7/17 Revision Approved By Policy Council:    
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