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NOCAC Head Start/Early Head Start will refer a child to the LEA (Local Education Agency) if warranted as presented by developmental, speech/language, social/emotional, vision and/or hearing screenings.



If the child received 2 or more scores below the cutoff:

  1. The Home Visitor (HV) will inform the family of the referral process.
  2. If the family agrees, the HV will complete the family the Reciprocal Release of Information (ROI) form.
  3. The Disabilities Specialist and the HV will develop a Child Service Plan (CSP) that will be implemented during the LEA evaluation process.
  4. The HV will send the ROI to the Specialist who will use the Early Intervention website to send the referral to the LEA.
  5. The Specialist and HV, when available, must attend all IFSP meetings with the family.

If the HV and/or family suspect a speech and/or language concern:

  1. Follow the Speech/Language Policy.

Forms and Additional Guidance:

This policy complies with the following

Head Start Program Performance Standard:    1302.33 (3,4,5); 1302.60
ODJFS Child Care Manual:    
CACFP Regulation:    
Caring for Our Children:    
Other Sources:    


Effective Date:   8/7/17 Reviewed Date:   3/18/20
Approved By Policy Council:   8/7/17 Revision Approved By Policy Council: