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Financial Empowerment

The NOCAC Financial Empowerment Continuum focuses on three major program components to remove barriers and promote financial stability for low- income participants. Participants can enter and participate at any level of the continuum; however participants with the most significant barriers will be assessed for entry at the beginning and encouraged to continue personal development by working with all levels of service.

Financial Literacy and Education

Getting Ahead In A Just-Gettin’-By World: A 16 week course that equips people with a history of generational poverty with the resources and support to create personal and community change so that their families are no longer “just getting by.” Participants learn how poverty impacts their life and how to develop goals and actions plans to overcome common pitfalls.

Financial Literacy Classes: A series of classes offered on a quarterly rotation. Topics include:

  • money management
  • budgeting
  • understanding credit reports and scores
  • credit counseling
  • dealing with debt
  • how to prevent predatory practices
  • successful home rental experiences
  • resume basics
  • principles of interviewing.

Participants can choose to attend as many free classes as they wish. Check the Events Calendar for upcoming trainings.

Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching: NOCAC provides one-on one financial coaching opportunities to help low-income families and individuals improve their ability to make well-informed financial decisions. Each coaching session is specific to the needs and interests of the participant, however, common themes include defining priorities, budgeting techniques, financial management, credit building and individual goal attainment strategies.

Savings and Asset Development

Participants benefit from a matched savings program that allows them to establish a pattern of savings and work towards developing a long term asset. Savings can be used towards home purchase, post-secondary education, transportation, or debt reduction.

Accelerated Savings: Partnerships with local financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, provide opportunities to educate low-income customers about financial products such as savings accounts and low-interest loans.